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Credit Card

Payment Options

We are offering various ways to pay for your order:

1.PayU (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB - offline)

PayU is the main online payments processor in Romania and it offers to online shops a secure, fast and simple way to accept online payments for any type of products and services accepted by Visa si Mastercard*.

The company is member of the PayU Group, online payments service integrator with operations in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

2.Bank transfer/Wire transfer

Company Address: Number 1, Policlinicii Street, Ciorogirla 077055, Ilfov, Romania
Bank account no.:
RO58BTRLRONCRT0530220401   RON account
RO08BTRLEURCRT0530220401   EUR account
RO53BTRLJPYCRT0530220401     JPY account
RO12BTRLUSDCRT0530220401   USD account
Bank: Banca Transilvania Agentia Drumul Taberei 34
Drumul Taberei 32, București 061387
Bank Phone Number: +40214072657
Bank SWIFT code: BTRLRO22
Company Phone Number:+40745232305